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IMG_3670When I’m in the mood for a sweet ice-cream treat that won’t break the budget, I scour my local grocery store. I’ve recently been chowing down on Ben and Jerry’s and truly believe that a pint of this addictive stuff is better than the offerings at my local Fro-Yo hotspot.

Long story short, my girlfriend grabbed a pint of Cherry Garcia and date night was underway.

Now I’ve never tried Cherry Garcia and after the first bite, I was kicking myself for not trying it earlier. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Ben and Jerry’s describes the ice cream as, “cherry ice cream with cherries and fudge flakes.”

I would agree with the majority of that statement. One would think that “cherry ice cream” would be some sort of reddish-pink, but the ice cream in the container was white. Similar to good ol’ vanilla.

I’m not sure I would say that it tasted a lot like cherry ice cream, but the ice cream itself was very good. There were cherries and even larger pieces of fudge hidden within the creamy goodness, but I was left wanting more. More of those amazing cherries and more fantastic pieces of fudge would’ve made Cherry Garcia an instant favorite.

Each bite, while magnificent, failed to include cherries or fudge. Some may think this is better, since you’d be able to savor those blissful treats even more when they appear in your spoon. Others, like me, always want more!


Overall, I wish I would’ve found this flavor earlier and will be keeping a pint in my freezer for those rainy days.

Final score: 9/10

If there were more cherries and fudge flakes, Cherry Garcia would’ve been an easy 10.