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All photos by Joel Patel

Look at any website that sells wet shaving products and Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS) will be there with stellar ratings. So it was only natural that I chose this shaving cream as my first real wet shaving product.

Since I was new to the wet-shaving scene, I wanted something that didn’t require a copious amount of lathering while providing my sensitive face with all of the superb benefits of wet shaving. After doing research, TOBS was the way to go, it was just a matter of getting the right scent.

Amazon has the best prices for TOBS and carries all of their scents. Having never used any of the their products before, I wanted to get something that I associate with being light and inviting, so I decided to go with Avocado.

The first thing you notice is the heavy-duty container that houses the cream. It’s a sturdy thing with a great twist-off top containing 5.3 oz. of creamy goodness for $13.40, which comes out to a reasonable $2.53 per ounce.

Twisting off the top results in a wonderful aroma of what TOBS says is, “a green floral fragrance with watery green and fruity top notes. The heart reveals notes of lily and cucumber, leading to a base of soft woods and musk.”

IMG_3718I would say that the scent reminds me of grass, cucumber and is slightly floral, but I don’t get the musk. It’s a refreshing scent that is perfect for those days that you want your face to smell extra fresh. It doesn’t smell like avocado until you start to lather it.

Out of all of the creams and soaps that I have tried, TOBS Avocado – my only TOBS product so far – is the easiest to lather. Whether you like to lather directly on your face or in a bowl, TOBS Avocado will create slick, fluffy goodness in a matter of seconds with minimal water. Using an almond-size amount will create enough lather for at least three passes.

As you begin to swirl the cream into a bowl or on your face, it takes on a scent that is more reminiscent of avocado. Spreading it on your face reveals the slick, comforting side of the cream. It glides onto your skin and works its way under those pesky hairs while releasing the wonderful avocado scent into your nose.


The cream provides a good amount of slickness and lubrication to shave with, which results in an irritation-free, close shave. There’s no tugging or pulling and the blade runs through the hair like a knife through an avocado. Throughout multiple passes, the lather remains fluffy and slippery, but does dissipate in fragrance. The avocado smell that was so lovely in the beginning starts to fade by the second pass.

TOBS Avocado is an amazing shaving cream for amateurs and pros alike. It has a fantastic scent, is easy to lather, gives a comfortable shave and is priced competitively.

Scent Strength: 8/10
Lather Quality: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Overall TOBS Avocado is something that everyone should try if they want a refreshing, light scent that lathers and shaves well. It’s earned a permanent spot in my rotation and I absolutely love it.

Overall: 9/10